About Us

Are you a professional who cannot afford the high cost of an office and is looking for a shared workspace? Are you a new entrepreneur who needs a table and a chair outside of its normal room, or a meeting room to host partners and clients and perform trainings?


In that case, “Tirana Business Club” is all you need!


At Tirana Business Club, we believe that work should be rewarding, productive, and enjoyable. Our goal is to provide a professional, peaceful work environment that encourages productivity and opportunities for new connections. We understand that different businesses have different needs, for which we offer flexible workspace solutions to match your unique work requirements.


With an excellent location just 10 minutes away from the center of Tirana, Tirana Business Club offers shared workspaces, meeting rooms, individual work spaces, as well as many other services.


This shared space is designed to effectively support the work of freelancers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals who are interested in being part of a new community of entrepreneurs. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, Tirana Business Club can be used to work for long hours during the day.

Services we offer

network Shared workspaces

This may be ideal for a small group of employees, a non-governmental organization, a start-up, or a creative agency. It may also be useful for people who want to work with others, have the opportunity to share ideas and be in an attractive and motivating environment.

Meeting room

This is a special room designed to hold meetings, workshops, trainings, etc. It is equipped with presentation tools such as a projector and LED screen, useful for business meetings, consultations, job interviews, etc.

Zoom Room

This is a special space designed to hold virtual meetings (for 1 person). It may be useful for people who work remotely and want to have a dedicated space for phone calls and virtual meetings.


A secure space for important or valuable items. This may be useful for individuals or companies that store important items such as documents, money, electronic devices, etc. Each person has the right to a personal locker with a key.

security-camera Security

Business Club offices offer high security and controlled access to workspaces.